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We also offer coaching and support for families educating their children at home outside of the North Georgia area through our Navigator Program!

We offer coaching and support for families educating their children at home outside of the North Georgia area through our Navigator Program!

homeschool hybrid near me

We offer coaching and support for families educating their children at home outside of the North Georgia area through our Navigator Program!

LEARNWELL Hybrid School

The “Best of Both Worlds” Education

Learnwell is a private hybrid school serving grades K through eight in 2022-2023 in south Forsyth County.

As a hybrid school, we combine two days of weekly in-classroom education with at-home learning. For many families, this best-of-both-worlds solution offers the perfect fit for their child’s needs.

During the two in-class days, students benefit from working under the supervision of experienced teachers. They collaborate with peers and form friendships. During at-home days, families can prioritize downtime and individualize education by allowing students to focus more deeply on subjects of interest.

If you are looking for a school where:

  • Students receive an education that meets or exceeds all state standards
  • Your child gains the flexibility they need to learn, mature, and grow
  • Children find friends and support, and are appreciated for their authentic selves
  • Small classrooms permit individualized attention
  • Parents are seen as valued contributors to the educational process

Learnwell allows your child to thrive

Hybrid Model

Best of Both Worlds – learning at home and group instruction at school

Small Classes

Individualized instruction meets children where they are

Authentic Community

Feel the support and camaraderie of a community that sees and knows you and your child

Experienced Teachers

Partnering with parents for timely support

Time for Family

More unscheduled time allows families to experience balance


Parents know what to do in their child’s education at the right time

You may be wondering:

“What is a hybrid school?”

Hybrid learning offers the best of both worlds: school and home.


Going to school allows students to be under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher. Group learning also allows children to collaborate with other students and form healthy peer groups.


Being home three days each week lets families reclaim and prioritize downtime. Free time plays a signficant role in healthy brain development and physical development. Home learning also gives students the opportunity for individualized education and to go deeper in the subjects of greater interest.

Time to Make a Change in Your Child’s Education?

Are you considering a change in where or how your child attends school? Download our free guide, “When To Make a Change in Your Child’s Education.”

Choosing the right school for your children can be complicated to navigate alone. Learnwell wants to simplify this process for you to find the place where your children can thrive in their education.

Download your copy of this handy tool that equips parents with good questions to answer as they consider options for their children’s education.

Learnwell Academics

Learnwell provides a high-quality education for learners at every grade level.

Whether you’re trying to determine what’s best for your kindergartener or eyeing college preparation, Learnwell would love to partner with you so that your children thrive in their academics.

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hybrid academics

Learnwell North Georgia Stories

Learnwell Story #1

Being able to send our son two days a week to a small classroom has been so great for him!  He is getting the social practice of making friends. And by learning in a smaller, less overwhelming setting, his self-concept is free from the negative thoughts that he had during public school, and he has improved those social and emotional skills.  He loves school now and wants to go to Learnwell until college! His teacher is loving, prayer and grace-filled, and communicative. Learnwell keeps it fun and interesting for the kids with club time at school, social activities for the whole family, and a kind and caring community for my child to learn to love learning and trust his teachers.

– Stephanie M.

Learnwell Story #2

I have been looking for a small, safe and loving environment for my daughter, and I found that here at Learnwell. She has been able to come as she is to class every week and it has been a game changer for her and for our family. The teachers and staff are all incredibly warm and welcoming.

Because of this environment, her studies have become less cumbersome, and she is discovering how to learn in a way that fits her learning style. Since starting at Learnwell, the stress level in our household has gone down tremendously.

– Elizabeth S.

Learnwell Story #3

I love that class sizes at Learnwell are small, and that my child’s teacher meets him where he is and gives him the attention he needs and supports me so that I can do the same at home with him. He has come so far with writing and is making great progress! I love that he still has a group of peers at Learnwell and exposure to a classroom setting to learn how to collaborate and work as a team.

I was drawn to Learnwell initially from their approach to academics, class size and hybrid structure, but felt very supported by teachers and a school that is faith-based and praying for my and my children’s success and serving our community.

– Hillary N.

Educational Resources for Parents

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