Homeschool burnout is not inevitable. But if you feel you’re there, keep reading. We have some creative solutions.

For a variety of reasons, many families are considering homeschooling or a version of hybrid school. Still, others are afraid they can’t homeschool or that they’ll try it and experience homeschool burnout.

We have heard stories of people who are really struggling with homeschooling or who have already abandoned it altogether. We totally get it – it’s not always easy. The emotional landscape of homeschooling isn’t all peace, love, and joy. Here’s what some are saying:

“I can’t/won’t be able to homeschool well because:

  • I don’t think I’m patient enough
  • I don’t have an education degree
  • I looked at a homeschool catalog once – holy cow!
  • I don’t have a plan for the whole year
  • I don’t feel crafty/artistic enough to do this well
  • It’s too hard to homeschool all my kids at the same time
  • I spent HOURS researching curriculum, but I’m still not sure I picked/might pick the best for my kids.”

We want to encourage you to hang in there with your homeschooling, or with your consideration of homeschooling.

Go back to the reasons you began homeschooling.

Why are you considering homeschooling? Why did you begin homeschooling? Revisit those reasons with your spouse when you get frustrated or discouraged. They can help you keep your big-picture perspective about why you are on this journey toward providing your children with a more intentional education.

Be honest with someone about your homeschool burnout.

Burnout doesn’t mean that you have to give up. It also does not make you a bad parent or a neglectful teacher. Many parents who have homeschooled for years experience days when homeschooling is the last thing they want to do. But do you know what helps you feel less alone? Sharing how you are really doing with someone who supports you.

Don’t homeschool without your tribe.

Homeschooling in isolation has a high likelihood of failure or discouragement. Isn’t that true of any difficult task we attempt? Experts tell us we need support to change our habits; it’s difficult to plot a new course and clear new roads in our minds. So when we’re homeschooling, which is a HUGE change if this is something that you’re new at and a HUGE endeavor at any point, why would you not need support?

Consider Learnwell.

Imagine not having to wade through all of the curriculum options out there. Imagine getting on-grade-level lesson plans from your very own teacher every week along with a coaching video that supports you through the rough spots. Imagine having a teacher standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the education of your child.

You can receive “canned” lesson plans from anywhere. We have teachers whose job it is to focus on YOU and other families with children in your child’s grade, walking week by week through the year with you, speeding up and slowing down in response to how your child is learning.

Do you have friends who are considering homeschooling, or who might need a homeschooling lifeline? Share this with them, and they can learn more about our Navigator program. Friends don’t let friends get burned out or discouraged before they’ve started!

If you’re wondering how you could possibly teach more than one child at the kitchen table, we have GREAT news for you. Learnwell gives you the tools to do this. We offer parent professional development on topics just like this. In addition, our K-7 social studies and science are subjects that you can teach your whole family — every grade level — all at once. (Just ask us – we have a very successful, easy-to-use format.)

Teaching two or more children in different age groups isn’t impossible. Small tweaks to how your child approaches his or her day can make all the difference. And we will show you how! Find out more about the Learnwell Navigator program, available all over the world, and how our school supports busy parents like you to alleviate the possibility of homeschool burnout and set your children up for success.

Our philosophy is to serve parents so that they can help their children thrive and get an excellent education at home. But don’t take our word for it. Use our free guide, “Time to Make a Change,” to help you decide if it’s time to make a change in how you homeschool your child.