Just wanted to check in with you really quick today to ask – HOW’S IT GOING? Seriously: how are YOU doing?

We’re at that point in the school year when we’re all finally settling into our school year routine. Phew!

If your kids are in school, they’ve figured out what’s expected of them and are (hopefully) adjusting accordingly in order to have a successful year. 

If you homeschool, the days are probably somewhat predictable for you and your kids, and you’ve settled into your routines. At my house, it’s baking muffins every Monday morning, finishing early on Monday and Wednesday so that we have some play time before ballet, and figuring out how to access the parent portal at the church where my kids participate in some homeschool electives. 

Many of you who live and serve overseas are maybe just now settling back into life at home after some time with friends and family over the summer.

Depending on how you’re wired, this settling into the school-year routine may delight your schedule-loving heart, OR it may strike a bit of inner restlessness in your soul if you’re one who likes to mix it up from day to day.

I know you know this:

(Know that I’m writing this as much for me right now as I am for you, by the way.)

If you’re not doing okay, adjustments need to be made. 

Like it or not, we as parents are the plumb-line for our kids. If we’re doing well – able to tend to our own physical and mental health, in community with our Father as well as others – then they’re doing well. 

Parenting is just hard some days. No one is doing well all the time, every day. But every step made to take care of yourself is a step in the right direction. 

Sometimes I have to frame it this way: I want the best for them because I love them, and I want Grace and Maggie to have a mom who is doing well. 

Parenting with intention can be hard. We want to make the right decisions for our kids related to technology, academics, friendships, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. 

But don’t forget that taking care of your kids’ parent (YOU) is to also take care of them well.

Learnwell Update: We’re off to a great start this year! Many of our families serve overseas and were back in the US over the summer. Because everyone got started at different times, we’re all over the place! But that’s okay; we’re getting to know each other with every virtual “coffee klatch” and class chat along the way.  We’ve made some great changes in the Social Studies and Science curriculum we’ve created. Our goal has been to figure out a way for EVERYONE in the family to participate together and adhere to national standards in each subject.  Most importantly, we will begin offering a Special Needs program in January. If you homeschool a child with learning challenges, we’d love to serve you! You can hop on our notification/more information list HERE