In this unique season, a lot of parents are considering homeschooling. Here’s how one mom, whose oldest child was entering kindergarten, felt about making the decision to homeschool and considering Learnwell. 

My oldest is starting Kindergarten this fall. And like many moms, I have been thinking and rethinking and, let’s face it, overthinking about the right school choice since he was a baby.

I thought I had it all figured out. But then came Covid and everything changed.

Covid brings big unknowns to every in-class school setting.

With 4 young kids at home, the idea of adding another layer of uncertainty to our daily life stressed me out!

Eventually, we decided to start looking into full-time homeschool to keep our lives a little more predictable and less vulnerable to everything Covid brings with it.

But I kept running into obstacles with homeschool too. For instance, I really care about my little guy and his education….

How in the world do I choose curriculum from all the good material out there?

How do I know when he’s mastered a skill and is ready to move on?

How do I know if we’ve done enough each day or if I’m working him too hard?

Can I manage it with three other kids at home?

Full-on homeschool sounded like a good option, but honestly it stressed me out.

When I hopped on a Facetime call with Melissa at Learnwell, I had already watched several of her videos for homeschool parents.

Honestly, talking with her brought me the peace of mind about school that I was looking for this year. Learnwell Collective was the answer I was looking for.

With Learnwell I’m looking forward to…

– a curriculum that is thoughtfully put together by expert educators. So I can be confident in the material I’m teaching each day.

– weekly lesson plans and a weekly coaching video. So I can be confident that we are staying on track.

– the support of a teacher for ME. So I can be confident WHEN I have a million other questions.

I’m excited to be my son’s primary teacher this year now that I have the support to give us BOTH a positive experience.

Oh, and I love that Learnwell’s curriculum is set for 4 days a week so we can use the 5th day to explore his unique, personal interests.

If you are stressed about the fall, I hope you’ll consider chatting with Melissa to see how Learnwell can help your family get what you’re looking for!