Purpose in life seems like a big, scary topic, right? It can be. But you are probably doing more than you realize to help your child discover his or her purpose right now.

Have you ever googled “what does my child need to…” or “what does my child need for…”? If you have, it means you probably are giving your child what he or she needs most: a caring, concerned parent who loves as unconditionally as possible.

(And if you haven’t, no judgment here. Parents are the busiest people on the planet.)

Helping your child find his or her unique purpose in life at any stage can be an overwhelming task. There are so many areas where purpose and thriving can make a difference to a child.

Going to the Next Grade

If you have ever wondered what your child needs before he goes to the next grade… you are helping her fulfill the potential she has. This is no small feat.

Purpose in Mental Health

If you have ever wondered what your child needs to be secure in who he is… you are guiding him to stand firm when surrounded by societal messages that try to convince him to bend toward the latest craze or waver in who God wired him to be. Talk about a parenting challenge where we all feel, at some point, that we could be doing more.

Developing a Well-Rounded Education

If you have ever wondered if your child needs art education built into his curricula… you are thinking beyond just the 3 R’s that have been taught for generations. You are considering the possibility that your creative child’s purpose in life may not fit into a scaleable box encouraged by standard, one-size-fits-all educational models. That’s called intentional parenting. (Way to go, Mom or Dad!)

Needing an After-School Outlet

If you have ever wondered what a difference extracurricular activities make… you are recognizing the possible need for extra stimulation toward your child’s purpose in life. Not every kid finds his or her purpose in academics, and some children thrive through their after-school pursuits.

Not Ignoring Social Compatibility

If you have ever wondered what your child needs to grow emotionally and socially… you are considering whether his friendship circle is wide enough, too wide, or non-existent. You are helping him evaluate how he sees himself in the context of being a supportive, wise friend — and that is a tool for life.

If you have wondered any of these things…

We can help.

“What do the education experts say?”

“What do the mental health experts say?”

Whether your “baby” is 3 or 13, it is okay to ask for help. Looking to outside experts in the mental health field, the educational landscape, or extracurriculars such as athletics or the arts can give your child the freedom he needs to grow and develop as a person. And developing as a person is something we all need, no matter how old we are.

Be encouraged. You are enough for your child as you seek to get wise counsel, added support, and make intentional choices with your child’s needs in focus. Looking for support in the right places doesn’t mean you have failed; in fact, it means the opposite. You have recognized the need for outside voices in your child’s growing-up trajectory. None of us parent alone — keeping this in mind is a great way to quelch fears of not being or doing enough for our kids.

So, if you need additional school support, reach out to us at Learnwell Collective — or if you are local to the North Georgia area, find us at Learnwell North Georgia — so that we can help you find the right educational fit for your child. The right fit educationally often leads to more time together, more margin for pursuing wellness, and a sustainable pace that everyone in the family can enjoy.