When you have a child who struggles in math, it can be difficult to see “the silver lining” in the learning curve. Will it be his or her career path? Maybe not. However, we are here to help you lighten the load and explain why math is important — even if it isn’t something your child will pursue as a career path.

If not a career path, is math useful?

Math does come naturally to some, but that isn’t to say that math can’t be a learned skill. It is certainly an applied skill in many fields of interest, career paths or not: engineering, technology, layout and design, cooking and baking, chemistry and physics, surveying, realty, business, retail, and so many more.

The point is not to just “get through it,” but hopefully — over time — students will see that mathematics skills are useful and can serve them well in life. If nothing else, they can appreciate a good joke or two.

Can math be funny?

We compiled some of our favorite math jokes online and we hope you’ll enjoy them too. To say “thank you” for subscribing, here are the jokes.

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