They partner with their local community!

At, Superintendant John Konen wrote that one of the strongest indicators of thriving schools is if, and how, they partner with the surrounding community.

When it comes to a common goal, schools and community partners — businesses, organizations, and educational resource providers — should be in agreement. He said, “Most of these partnerships have congruent goals: support student learning and development.”

Here are two ways that we believe a school can be supported by its community:

Real-World Experience

One way that Learnwell approaches education is by partnering with local nonprofits, businesses, and learning-based groups to give students real-world experiences.

Students get to see a business in action when they visit Learnwell to highlight a product or service they offer; some of our previous partnerships have included a science lab and a popsicle stand. While both were popular and fun for our students, they also modeled the importance of collaboration between a school and its community.

When Learnwell’s high school opens in 2024, students will be able to explore careers by shadowing at local businesses to see if their interest level matches up with the real-world experience within a career of their choosing.

Leadership Development

Students at Learnwell North Georgia get to start their leadership skill development at a young age if they wish. We have students as young as 5 years old who lead clubs for other students. With some coaching from our principal, students at every grade level are offered the opportunity to teach their peers about a skill, talent, or subject area that interests them.

Leading an interest-based club gives our students the opportunity to practice collaboration, presentation, and problem-solving skills — which they’ll need in the workforce, for continuing education, and when shadowing businesses as Learnwell high school students.

Our young leaders also meet with a member of Learnwell’s administrative team to help them evaluate their leadership experience.

Partnerships give students access to the heart of the community where they live: business, government, and nonprofit. Whether it’s a chance to serve through a local nonprofit organization, an internship with a local company, or just gaining an understanding of how a business works, partnerships fuel a love of learning that gives students a firm foundation for their future.