We are a school. And so we get asked — many times each year — what is the best homeschool curriculum?

You might think we only get asked this by homeschooling families or families who send their children to a hybrid school. Not true. We also get asked this by families who are in public or private schools.

It is natural to wonder…

Is my child getting the BEST of the best homeschool curriculum?

We also are parents. We understand what it’s like to doubt your decisions, to feel like you are coming up short, or to realize you’ve made a mistake. It happens. (There is no shame or guilt here – we are all just doing the best we can.)

But still, we all want to know if we’re making the right choices, especially when it’s about our kids’ education. So… what is the best homeschool curriculum? How do we know if our children are on the right track?

Well, the short answer is — only YOU can know what is the best curriculum for your child. But before you throw the book at us, let us explain.

So many parents feel that if they could just choose the right curriculum, find the best class, or enroll in the “perfect” school, then their child would excel, feel free to be himself or herself, and finally, love school.

However, the real question we should be asking is this:

What do we — as parents — have time to do with our children?

And a close follow-up is this:

How is my child wired to learn, and what will be the best homeschool curriculum for him or her?

What we use as curricula for math, language arts, science and social studies are the most excellent curricula we could find. But even our school will be different from others. We are a hybrid homeschool model, which means some of our families homeschool four days each week with the support of our teacher-created lesson plans. Other families, those in North Georgia, send their children to our school two days and then they learn at home two days while their parents teach them.

So the curriculum we chose fits our needs: our teachers’ needs, our students’ needs, and our students’ parents’ needs.

You can have the best curriculum, but if it doesn’t suit your family’s or your particular child’s needs, it doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s going to stay on the shelf. That’s why we are such advocates of parents getting involved in their child’s education. Only YOU know what your child loves, how he or she is wired, and what his or her motivational currency is.

What do I do when the best homeschool curriculum isn’t working?

If you don’t have the time or margin in your life to use what you feel is the best homeschool curriculum for your child, it may be time to look at the options out there to support you in the education of your child. Yes, even if you’ve been homeschooling your child for years. And yes, even if you’ve never considered homeschooling at all.

As parents, we forget that we — like everyone — go through seasons. Our needs change. Our adult lives change. Our family seasons change.

So if you haven’t considered a new way of schooling your child, we invite you to explore by downloading the free guide on our homepage: Time to Make a Change?

We want to encourage you if you are thinking it’s too late or you can’t make a change now. You can! But we want to help you make an informed decision. If you are considering a hybrid school, we invite you to a casual evening where we will share more about the Learnwell model and what a day in the life of students looks like here. Sign up for a Discover Learnwell event to find out more.

You have much more influence on your child than the culture has given you credit for — your vested interest in his or her well-being automatically qualifies you to make great decisions for his or her education. And we’re here to help, even if that means your family does not partner with Learnwell. You can always reach out to us at [email protected] with questions.