No matter what kind of education your child receives, you have probably found yourself wondering… Is it enough?

It’s a terrific question for parents to ask every now and then.

As a school, our answer may surprise you.

We can’t tell you if your child’s education is good enough, strong enough, flexible enough, or excellent enough. That depends on your child’s needs and your family’s situation.

What we can tell you is this. Learnwell’s hybrid model offers an excellent education if you are looking for

  • More involvement in your child’s learning journey
  • Increased flexibility in how your child learns new concepts
  • A different way to measure whether or not your child has mastered those concepts

One of the Learnwell North Georgia core values is excellent education.

3 Components of Excellent Education at Learnwell

There are three aspects of an excellent education that we wholeheartedly believe in and champion so that we feel confident that each child at Learnwell receives the best of both worlds.

Learnwell offers a hybrid format of education for all of our students. This means they learn some within the classroom and some at home with parents, grandparents, or a tutor. In order for this style of education to be a great fit, it has to be designed to include:

1. PARENTS. The parents who approach Learnwell for their child’s education are not looking for the same way of doing things. Instead, they are pioneers who know that their child’s needs — academically but also mentally and emotionally — should be factored into their education.

Parents know their children best, and we want every parent to be able to teach their children at home with confidence. We help parents gain a new understanding of how their child learns best, what his or her unique skills and challenges are, and how to continue the path toward learning. We believe that parents are an integral element in fueling a child’s love of learning.

2. TEACHERS. Learnwell’s teachers are highly qualified at working with students and parents in a hybrid format. They go above and beyond what is expected. Our teachers’ desire is to facilitate not just a memorization of facts, but to foster a lifelong pursuit of learning that doesn’t end when they graduate.

3. CURRICULUM. Our curriculum team chooses what will work best transitioning between learning at home and learning at school. At every grade level, parents and teachers use a curriculum that is evidence-based, easy to use, and of high quality in its methods.

What Does an Excellent Education Provide?

Of course, what your child needs will differ from what other children need. That’s the beauty of God’s intricate design of humanity. Not everyone learns the same way, and not everyone thrives in the same learning environments. But at Learnwell, an excellent education will accomplish these objectives.

  • It allows students to go beyond basic knowledge.
  • It gives students the autonomy to dive deeper into subjects of interest.
  • It encourages students to synthesize what they’ve learned and integrate it into previously learned material.
  • It teaches students how to think critically about the world around them.
  • It provides hands-on, real-world opportunities to apply what they are learning in the classroom.
  • It is, when feasible, individualized to a student’s interests, passions, and wiring.

Is Education Important?

In our modern-day context, some are wondering what schools have to offer children. After all, the world of exploration is at their fingertips with the internet and smartphones.

Education is important because when it’s done with excellence, education isn’t a destination. It is a road map that allows students to discern more about who they are and how they’re wired. This kind of knowledge doesn’t end with a high school or even college degree. This kind of knowledge equips students to go into the world and make a difference.

When students have access to an education that’s excellent, that education goes beyond the state standards. It teaches students how to

  • Funnel information
  • Fuse it with what they already know
  • Filter it from what isn’t applicable to their need or task
  • Find out how to work well with others as they learn together

In short, education is important because it fuels children’s desire to discover. When students explore and apply what they learn, they become curious adults who contribute to the world around them by asking good questions, problem-solving, and pursuing deeper levels of learning throughout their lives.

Watch our founder and principal share more about an excellent education at Learnwell.