After-School Electives

We offer two after-school elective programs for Learnwell students based on grade. These programs are tailored to meet the social and enrichment needs of students according to grade level.  

After-School K-5th Electives

For Learnwell students in K-5, we offer after-school electives on Tuesday afternoons. Families can sign up for four-week blocks. Each block covers a different subject such as Spanish, Art, or Drama. 

These blocks are designed to give our families the convenience of an after-school program and the flexibility of short-term commitments while providing more opportunities for cultural enrichment and community. 

If you are a Learnwell family and want to register for after-school electives, please email Kim Bond at [email protected]

After-School 6th-10th Learnwell Teams

Learnwell middle and high school students can choose to be part of a team. These teams also meet after school, though students may collaborate with their coaches to plan extra meetings and prepare for competitions. 

This model for student-led after-school teams aligns well with our academic model. Being part of a team helps older students learn to balance their schedules, manage their time well, and develop outside interests alongside their academic studies while honoring their desire for greater independence. 

For more information about our after-school programs, please contact Director of Extracurricular Activities Kimberly Bond at [email protected]