After School Electives

For Learnwell students at every grade level, we offer after-school electives that are different from our Friday electives. 

These are elective classes that last one hour immediately after school once a week for enrolled Learnwell students only. In the past, some of our after-school electives have included chess, ukulele, and a walking club.

For our K-5 students, these classes are in limited simply because many of the electives we offer on Friday will cover their interests and because younger students tend to do better earlier in the day.

Our middle and high school students are offered more variety for after-school electives. One of these options is yearbook, and the other options will be special interest electives based on students and their passions.

As our 6th-grade-and-up students get older, we believe that our model for student-led after school electives classes aligns well with our academic model. It’s crucial that older students learn to balance their schedules, manage their time well, and fit in outside interests alongside their academic studies.

We also know that our older students want to have more ownership wherever they can. Their developmental stage, in which they seek greater independence, allows them to explore what it looks like to choose their own special-interest based after school electives.