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How Children Really Learn

I need more exercise. We have a few acres of land, and one of my fantasy solutions to this problem is to have a nice walking trail around the property that is clear of grass, weeds, and other brush. I…

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4 DIY Hacks for Family Movie Night

“I’m bored.” These are the dreaded words that many parents hear repeatedly by the middle of any school break. So here are 4 ways to turn popular kids’ movies into theme nights. Get the whole family involved, and your living…

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Juggle much

Imagine you’re watching a street performer – amidst the crowd – in a bustling city. Cue the juggler wearing bright clothes, throwing a ponytail-clad mom in yoga pants high into the air – while simultaneously catching a teacher with glasses…

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5 Tips for When to Call It Quits

by Brooke, Director of Communication If you have a unique learner, you know when they’re inspired, motivated, and intrigued in the learning process. Equally, you know what it’s like when they are overwhelmed. Both of our children are highly creative,…

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Why Parents Choose Learnwell

In this unique season, a lot of parents are considering homeschooling. Here's how one mom, whose oldest child was entering kindergarten, felt about making the decision to homeschool and considering Learnwell.  My oldest is starting Kindergarten this fall. And like…

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A Letter to COVID Homeschoolers

Because homeschooling is a topic that’s important to me - as a mom and an educator - I belong to a lot of homeschooling Facebook groups. Parents usually post curriculum questions or share ideas in these groups.  But over the…

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