Friday Electives

Friday morning electives are optional opportunities for students who are enrolled at Learnwell North Georgia and for students from the wider homeschool community.

Even if your student is not enrolled at Learnwell, we invite him or her to find a class (or more than one) that he or she will enjoy. While our Friday electives change seasonally, we try to offer a variety of Friday extracurricular activities.

Some of the classes we offer include Getting Ready for Kindergarten, Drama, P.E. Art, 2D Animation and Rhythm Essentials for ages 4 to fifth grade. All Friday extracurricular activities are between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12:35 p.m.

The middle school extracurricular activities list will change from season to season too, but we offer video storytelling, drama, 2D animation, and P.E.

Some of our most commonly-asked questions about the extracurricular activities list are below.

How many students will be in each elective class?

Each class needs to have a minimum of 4 students and will have a max enrollment of 10 students.


Who teaches the extracurricular activities?

Our Friday extracurricular activities are taught by dedicated, experienced teachers from Learnwell and by experienced teachers from within our broader community with whom we partner regularly. Some of those partnerships include Forefront Arts, Galaxy Music and Arts, and Learnwell’s StoryDrive Lab. All of our partners go through sexual abuse awareness training and have received background checks.

What if my child wants to take more than one extracurricular activity?

As long as the activity your child wants to participate in is for his or her age group, we invite you to sign up for multiple activities. However, the activities must line up so that they are back to back. For example, if your child wants to take P.E. at 9 a.m. and Rhythm Essentials at 10:50 a.m., he or she would also need to enroll in art so that there isn’t a gap in his or her extracurricular activities. Alternatively, you could pick up your child after the P.E. elective finishes and bring him or her back for the Rhythm Essentials class.


Our teachers are here to teach the classes they offer, but there is no space for students to hang out if they have a gap in classes. It’s important to look closely at the extracurricular activity schedule, and make sure your student is enrolled in back-to-back classes unless you want to pick up your child in the interim.

What if my child’s sibling also wants to enroll in an elective activity?

We welcome children ages 4 through fifth grade as well as middle school students. The pre-K and elementary school students have opportunities that are different than our middle school options because we want every child to be served well at his or her age or grade level.

If you have two students to enroll, there are two things to keep in mind. First, your students’ classes must line up if they are taking more than one class (so that their schedule has no gaps). Second, if one of your students’ classes begins at a different time from his or her sibling’s class, you’ll need to remain with him or her.

One example would be if your 4th grader wants to take drama at 9 a.m., but your preschooler also wants to take drama. You will need to drop off your 4th grader, take your preschooler with you, and then return with your preschooler at the time his or her drama class begins.

An easy fix for schedules that don’t line up for each sibling is to simply enroll each child in multiple classes that are offered at the same time.

Do you offer discounts for multiple students enrolled?

Yes. Students enrolled in three or more classes will receive a discount. You can find out more about our financial options by reading more about our Friday electives financial options on the registration page

How do I find class descriptions and registration information?

You can read more about what our Friday electives are for the current season of extracurricular activities on the Friday electives registration page. We keep this information up-to-date based on the current season.

Can I drop off or do I need to stay on campus with my child?

All of our Friday elective extracurricular activities are drop-off only. We cannot accommodate parents who want to stay with or near their children. We also believe it’s healthy for children to get used to other teachers for a portion of their school week. 


Will there be time for my child to socialize or have lunch with other students?

Our classes are scheduled in 50-minute increments. During class times, it is up to each teacher to decide how he or she will structure the class environment. We do not offer a central meeting place, outside of class, for our Friday electives students. They will not need a lunch since all of our classes end by 12:35 p.m.

What do I do if I am running late to pick up my child?

We encourage parents to remain close by during their child’s elective period. There is a Starbucks on the other side of 400, and Halcyon has many shops and restaurants if you need somewhere to go during your child’s class(es).

Please make every effort to be here at the time your child’s Friday elective ends, but in the case of an emergency or something unavoidable, you can contact our school 678-395-6772. Once you register for a Friday elective extracurricular activity, we recommend putting our school number in your phone in case you need to reach us.

A member of our staff team will always remain on site until all children are picked up safely.