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homeschool support
homeschool support

Partnering with families to help students thrive

Coaching and resources for busy parents like you who want their children to receive a high-quality education at home

Available to parents anywhere in the world

homeschool support

Time to Make a Change in Your Child’s Education?

Are you considering a change in where or how your child attends school? Download our free guide, “When To Make a Change in Your Child’s Education.”

Choosing the right school for your children can be complicated to navigate alone. Learnwell wants to simplify this process for you to find the place where your children can thrive in their education.

Download your copy of this handy tool that equips parents with good questions to answer as they consider options for their children’s education.

You want to do everything you can to give your child the best foundation possible.

It can be overwhelming to figure out the right education to help your children meet their full potential.

There are so many things to consider when designing a child’s education.

For the last five years, Learnwell has been providing homeschool support for parents who want a high-quality education for their children. The founders of Learnwell have over three decades of experience in education, and understand what it takes to provide a great educational experience for children. The Learnwell Collective team believes it shouldn’t be so hard to find the right path to reach each child’s potential.

Hear from Learnwell Parents:

“I am so glad that I enrolled in Learnwell this year. It has given me some peace of mind in terms of homeschooling that I didn’t even realize I lacked. I think the thing I’ve liked best about Learnwell was being able to check in periodically with my son’s teacher and give a detailed update and then receive encouraging and specific feedback. The lesson plans and support received through Learnwell are well worth the money. Somebody has my back! My teacher is awesome! So supportive and encouraging and helpful. Coming from the perspective of a tired mom of six kids who has been at it for over 15 years, it was just nice to have real help for once with my ‘day job!'”

Cheryl in Ohio

“What has been most helpful to me is getting the lesson plans in small manageable chunks. When we homeschooled before I loved getting ready for the year and organizing everything, but we would lose steam and save too many things for ‘later.’ I was nervous to switch curriculums as we were used to the previous one. However, I have loved the resources Learnwell has chosen. The kids are doing well and love the routine. Sometimes start without me there! Learning has been more fun than I expected thanks to songs and videos to help them learn. We are very happy with Learnwell and plan to continue.”

Current Learnwell Parent

“Before Learnwell, I really wasn’t sure what curriculum to use or how I was going to manage planning out my child’s education on my own. With Learnwell, I love the fact that all the curriculum is already chosen and the lesson plans are made by experienced teachers. I appreciate having access to the teachers so I can ask questions and advice. This has been a huge blessing! Everything is running smoothly. The kids enjoy it, and they are learning. Thank you!”

Current Learnwell Parent

Joining us is easy!

  1. Download your Learnwell Navigator Program information guide
  2. Attend an online Navigator Insider Session
  3. Chat with a member of our Admissions team
  4. Enroll for the coming year!
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The Best of Homeschool Support

Enjoy teaching your children at home every day by outsourcing the tasks that require so much time and actually take you away from your children:

  • curriculum selection
  • lesson planning
  • making sure that your children are on track
  • problem-solving when things aren’t going quite right

A qualified and experienced teacher will provide you with coaching and encouragement so that you can homeschool with confidence.

Are your children getting what they really need?

  • Is your child in a school environment that will help him realize his full potential?
  • Is your child being held back from where she could be?
  • Does your child have gaps in learning after the last year?
  • Are you really providing the education your child needs?
  • Do you wonder what your child is missing from a one-size-fits-all model?

Experience the benefits of a Learnwell education

Have the confidence that you are doing what you need to do right now to contribute to your child’s future potential

Feel the support and camaraderie of a community that knows you and your child

Know exactly what to do in your child’s education at the right time

Have an educational partner to help when you have questions and need answers

Experience the balance in your child’s and your family’s life with more unscheduled time

Have the time to enjoy getting to know your child better

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