Welcome to the Learnwell Navigator Program!

The Navigator Program is a homeschool solution for dedicated parents like you, who want to provide a quality education for their children. We deliver homeschool resources and coaching support to parents all over the world. This homeschool program is designed to partner with parents to help children thrive!


Your Trusted Homeschool Resource:


Complete Homeschool Curriculum Lists


Weekly Lesson Plans


Print Resources


Virtual Mentoring


Coaching Videos from the Lead Teacher of Each Grade


Access to Lead Teachers When Questions Arise


Community of Like-Minded Parents


Parent Professional Development

The Learnwell Navigator Program …Your Trusted Homeschool Resource 

Homeschool your children with confidence knowing that you are:

  • Using the best homeschool curriculum and materials

  • Teaching your children exactly what they need to know at their individual grade levels

  • Supported by a coach who cares about your success

  • Surrounded by a community of like-minded parents

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Joining the Program

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How Does the Navigator Homeschool Program Work?

    Before the school year even begins, you’re equipped with a complete homeschool curriculum list that’s been selected by our team of educators. We also provide you with additional homeschool resources to help you develop the best schedule for your family. 

    Every week, you’ll log into your myLearnwell portal, where you’ll find:

    • The week’s lesson plan for each child’s grade
    • A short coaching video from the lead teacher of each grade
    • All of the printable homeschool resources you need for the week

    In addition to all of that, we support you with what we call “Parent Professional Development” periodically throughout the year. These are short lessons that equip you better to homeschool your children.

     You can reach out to your coach, an experienced teacher, any time! You’ll meet virtually with your coach at least once every six weeks to check in. But if – no, wait a minute – when you hit snags along the way (we all do!), you can reach out to your coach and ask questions and get advice. Maybe one of your children is struggling with a particular concept. Maybe your child needs a little more challenge, or is interested in going deeper when it comes to a particular subject.

     No matter what questions you have, it’s great to have a coach who is also an experienced teacher available to you! This homeschool program is designed to partner with parents to help children thrive!

    Experience these Benefits from Learnwell’s Navigator Program

    Have the confidence that you are doing what you need to do right now to contribute to your child’s future potential

    Feel the support and camaraderie of a community that knows you and your child

    Know exactly what to do in your child’s education at the right time

    Have an educational partner to help when you have questions and need answers

    Experience the balance in your child’s and your family’s life with more unscheduled time

    Have the time to enjoy getting to know your child better

    Blog Posts

    “I am so glad that I enrolled in Learnwell this year. It has given me some peace of mind in terms of homeschooling that I didn’t even realize I lacked. I think the thing I’ve liked best about Learnwell was being able to check in periodically with my son’s teacher and give a detailed update and then receive encouraging and specific feedback. The lesson plans and support received through Learnwell are well worth the money. Somebody has my back! My teacher is awesome! So supportive and encouraging and helpfulComing from the perspective of a tired mom of six kids who has been at it for over 15 years, it was just nice to have real help for once with my ‘day job!’”

    Cheryl, Ohio