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04Oct 22
how to homeschool

How to Homeschool Without Fear

We can't take away your worries about how your child will turn out, but we can teach some principles of how to homeschool without fear. It's something every parent needs…

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28Jun 22
hybrid homeschool

Hybrid Homeschool Near Me

You may have wondered why there has been an increase in hybrid schools in the last few years. Certainly, the elephant in the room is the global pandemic, COVID-19. However,…

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26Apr 22

Thriving schools do this 1 thing

They partner with their local community! At, Superintendant John Konen wrote that one of the strongest indicators of thriving schools is if, and how, they partner with the surrounding…

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12Apr 22

“Learning is boring, Mom”

If your child would rather watch a YouTube video, go next door to a friend's house, or play Xbox rather than learn, he is not alone. As our children grow,…

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12Apr 22

Family Fun for Under $11

Sometimes, you just need to close the laptop, silence the phones, and spend some quality time together as a family. One of our core values is intentional margin, and we…

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28Feb 22
what is hybrid school

What is a hybrid school?

A recent op-ed article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said that hybrid schools might just be the way of the future. But you may be wondering... What is a hybrid school?…

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11Jan 22
kids writing

Putting Education First

Maybe you didn't set out to put education first. But something got your attention. And you wondered how to help your child. Was it your child's unhappiness? Her lack of…

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10Jan 22
standards are goals

What Are Educational Standards?

What are educational standards... and how are they met? What do you think of when you hear the word “standard”? I think “run-of-the-mill, usual, average.” Kind of boring, right? In…

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29Oct 21

Feeling overwhelmed?

If the last few years have you feeling overwhelmed or if your "now" just doesn't look like you thought it would, we have good news. Instead of more information, what…

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24Sep 21

Get to Know Our Team: Dr. Melissa Shipman

Learnwell Collective began a little more than four years ago as a way to support families who found themselves homeschooling for the first time. Many of these families were serving overseas…

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13Jul 21

How Children Really Learn

I need more exercise. We have a few acres of land, and one of my fantasy solutions to this problem is to have a nice walking trail around the property…

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07Jul 21

4 DIY Hacks for Family Movie Night

“I’m bored.” These are the dreaded words that many parents hear repeatedly by the middle of any school break. So here are 4 ways to turn popular kids’ movies into…

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18Mar 21

Juggle much

Imagine you’re watching a street performer – amidst the crowd – in a bustling city. Cue the juggler wearing bright clothes, throwing a ponytail-clad mom in yoga pants high into…

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02Feb 21

5 Tips for When to Call It Quits

by Brooke, Director of Communication If you have a unique learner, you know when they’re inspired, motivated, and intrigued in the learning process. Equally, you know what it’s like when…

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27Jul 20

Why Parents Choose Learnwell

In this unique season, a lot of parents are considering homeschooling. Here's how one mom, whose oldest child was entering kindergarten, felt about making the decision to homeschool and considering…

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25Apr 20

A Letter to COVID Homeschoolers

Because homeschooling is a topic that’s important to me - as a mom and an educator - I belong to a lot of homeschooling Facebook groups. Parents usually post curriculum…

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20Feb 20

Adventuring as a Family

As you read this, my family and I are in the middle of a huge adventure. We're in Asia - a new continent for all of us - and are…

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31Jan 20

Are the Arts Important for Our Kids?

Maybe you’re highly artistic and thinking, “Finally, we’re getting to what’s important!” Or you may be highly analytical and not at all creative, and thinking, “OK, here’s where she starts…

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15Jan 20

Wanted: Gritty Kids!

Have you heard about GRIT? It’s a term people started talking about a few years ago when Angela Duckworth published a book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance,…

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29Oct 19

Checking In

Just wanted to check in with you really quick today to ask - HOW'S IT GOING? Seriously: how are YOU doing? We're at that point in the school year when…

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05Jun 19

For the New Homeschooling Parent

I receive emails fairly frequently from parents who are new to homeschooling. Perhaps something has happened in their public school that made them say, "Enough!" Perhaps homeschooling is an idea…

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28Jan 19
homeschool burnout

4 Solutions for Homeschool Burnout

Homeschool burnout is not inevitable. But if you feel you're there, keep reading. We have some creative solutions. For a variety of reasons, many families are considering homeschooling or a…

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28Jan 19

The X Factor in Homeschool Curriculum

Hey. It's me, Dr. Melissa Shipman, founder of Learnwell. I feel it's important I give you the backstory to this homeschool curriculum question that I hear so much about. When…

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29May 17

The Summer List

As a mom, I always feel behind. Just sitting here writing this, I can think of five things I should have finished by now that are haunting me. Nothing earth-shattering,…

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