Offering 9th grade in 2023-2024, and adding a grade level every year

In many ways, our entire Learnwell model points to these important years of 11th and 12th grade. While students complete the academic credits needed for a high school diploma, they will also engage in real-world, hands-on experiences that align with their gifts, talents, and passions. These clues to how God has uniquely wired them will lay the groundwork for apprenticeships or internships in 11th grade.

In their senior year, Learnwell students will either create a new small business or service program. A preparation process of research, presentations to their committee, and if necessary, fundraising will allow students to hit the ground running in their senior year.

Though it sounds like a long way down the road, we are already excited about our first high school graduation ceremony in 2027!

For more detailed information on Learnwell’s unique 8th-12th grade model, please watch the videos below.



  • Each grade level aligns with the “best of” state and national academic standards. These are wrapped into the Learnwell Scope and Sequence.
  • Learnwell has developed its own curriculum in science and social studies. This helps you in two ways:
  1. It makes your life easier – you can teach all of your children at the same time.
  2. You can rest assured knowing that each child will get the proper exposure to history, geography, and scientific exploration.

Teaching in Partnership

  • You are NOT a homework helper for your children on your at-home days. You are a valuable co-teacher alongside your Learnwell teacher.
  • Our teachers invest time helping you be the best teacher you can be for your child. That’s why they develop weekly coaching videos and support you via email during the week when you have questions pertaining to your child and his/her learning needs.


  • We know that students thrive academically when they’re also thriving socially. These two needs are not opposing; they’re both valuable for student growth.
  • At Learnwell, we know that community for parents is also vital. We will give you opportunities to connect with other parents in your child’s class, in your child’s grade, and in the broader Learnwell community.