Learnwell Collective began a little more than four years ago as a way to support families who found themselves homeschooling for the first time. Many of these families were serving overseas and had no other option.

Because of Dr. Shipman’s background as an educational consultant in the missions world, she and her husband, Randy Shipman, knew that there was a need and that God had uniquely wired them to find a solution.

Since then, Learnwell Collective has grown to support families all over the world and within the United States as they receive personalized coaching from certified teachers, lesson plans, and a community of others who are journeying in the same schooling methods.

In addition, Learnwell North Georgia launched in the 2021-22 school year. It is a program for families who live in the North Georgia area and want their children to have the best of both worlds: classroom time with Learnwell‘s amazing teachers and at-home time. So the hybrid school was born to meet another need!

We would love for you to get to know Dr. Melissa Shipman in a little more personal way, so she has recorded some of her favorites in a short video.

about Dr. Shipman

Get to Know Our Values:

Educational Excellence, Intentional Margin, Families First, Deep Faith

We can’t mention Learnwell without also sharing our core values. The heart behind both Learnwell Collective and Learnwell North Georgia is the same:

To provide families with educational excellence, and the margin and time they need to prioritize their faith and their families.

Some of the most frequently asked questions revolve around things we all want: community, curriculum, and our excellent teacher-created lesson plans. We invite you to explore the answers to these if you live anywhere outside North Georgia and are considering a homeschool option but could use a little help.

If you are considering a hybrid school option, and you live in the North Georgia area, we would love to help you in your decision-making process by answering some commonly asked questions about Learnwell North Georgia.