Faith is important to us at Learnwell. It’s what our school was founded on, and we know it’s important to many of the families who choose to partner with us for their child’s education.

Your faith is an integral part of your life, and it’s likely just as important to you to allow your child the freedom to explore their faith and make it their own. While each family differs in how faith is expressed in everyday life, separating faith and family is something that the Pew Research Center says is hard to do.

At Learnwell, we believe that faith begins at home. We’re here to support what parents are teaching their children and to support their opportunity to explore. After all, we are a Christian school but not a covenant school. (This simply means that all of our teachers and support staff are Christians, but we do not ask families to sign a covenant of faith to which they adhere.)

faith is important

Top Five Reasons Faith Is Important

  1. Learnwell Collective was founded on the belief that God created all human life and the earth. We believe that all students are crafted by the same God who also crafted the heavens and earth, and it’s important that our educational model does not go against these foundations. To see what else we believe, you can read our statement of faith.
  2. We are very aware of the mental health landscape that our kids and teens are growing up in at this point in time. Research shows that having a strong sense of purpose significantly impacts whether or not a student struggles with mental health issues, we want to undergird the truth that all students are designed with specific wiring for a God-given purpose.
  3. Our desire is to be a place of safety where students can ask questions, and explore what they believe and why they believe it. All of our teachers and staff are Christians, and everything we do is based on this lens: God created everyone in love and wired us all with great significance.
  4. We want to support you as parents because of our firm belief that a child’s faith begins at home. It’s why we gather the entire family together, when possible, to serve together for a few days each year. We believe that service is an extension of faith, not simply another add-on. Our heart is to always support you as a parent in your ability to instruct your child with confidence — even in, especially in, matters of faith.
  5. It’s important to us that when students graduate from Learnwell North Georgia or finish the Learnwell Navigator Program, they are equipped not just academically. Our hope is that they’re grounded in their faith to take on whatever God has next for them.

Why Faith Is Important to Our Founder/Principal

Our principal and founder (along with her husband, Randy), Dr. Melissa Shipman, said faith is a core value for a very good reason. “It’s why we do everything we do!” she said recently. In fact, she talks more about our core value of deep faith in a video that encourages parents.

Watch the video here.

Dr. Shipman understands that making a decision about your child’s education is important and that faith plays a significant role in that decision. Some parents come to us with specific questions related to faith, and we are here to answer them. Our Frequently Asked Questions may address some of your questions. but if not, please send us an email. You can ask us anything at [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

Are you looking for an educational option that’s different from your current school?

We’ve got a hybrid program that’s two days a week and an all-at-home coaching program to support you wherever you are in the world. To find out more about our hybrid school, you can attend a Discover Learnwell information night. If you’re interested in our at-home coaching option, ask our admissions director about our Navigator Program.