Claudia Castro, Lead Teacher

Nov 8, 2023 | Faculty

Hello! My name is Claudia Castro, and I am the 8th and 9th Humanities teacher, teaching English Language Arts, Georgia History, and Civics. I recently transplanted myself in Georgia from Long Beach, California to be closer to my family. I am a passionate educator with a deep love for history and learning. I began my journey as an Undergrad at California State University Long Beach in Liberal Studies before I found my passion working at the Secondary Level during my Masters of Arts in Teaching Graduate Program at Chapman University. I encourage my students to explore the world through their work. In doing so, they learn more about who they are through their writing, and strengthen their core values by encouraging them to connect with who they are as a person, and the person that God has intended them to become.

In my spare time I love cooking and trying new recipes, traveling, eating new foods, writing, and watching movies.