Have you ever seen an Instagram or TikTok reel with the “Ask Me Anything” hashtag? Well, this is our answer to all your questions – Ask Us Anything Trivia!

Here our some of our most-often asked questions (and a few we threw in for fun). Play along, and click the button below the questions to see if you know the answers!

  1. What acronym is made from the first letter of each of our four core values?
  2. What grade will our accredited hybrid school go through in the 2024-2025 school year?
  3. What’s our student-to-teacher classroom ratio?
  4. What two words complete this sentence? We value intentional margin because we believe it fosters soaring __________ ______________ in our students.
  5. Who creates the lesson plans that our parents use as resources for teaching at home?
  6. What happens if a student wants to learn the same concept on the lesson plan but in a different way than what’s on the lesson plan?
  7. At what level of school do we begin transferring ownership of the student’s education, gradually, from the parent to the student?
  8. In what grades do our high school students participate in job shadowing?
  9. Can you name the No. 1 reason that Dr. Shipman founded Learnwell Collective?
  10. How many nations do our on-campus students learn alongside from around the world?

How many trivia questions did you answer correctly?

Our model is built on the belief that students thrive when they have more free time than a traditional school schedule allows, and there is a benefit to group learning. We believe there are learning opportunities that are hard to replicate without a classroom; we also believe your family values and student mental health matters.

That’s why students attend on campus just two days a week (with an optional third day for high school electives and AP classes).

Our story is built on values that our founder and principal shares for her own family. Randy and Dr. Melissa Shipman wanted an excellent education for their girls, and yet they didn’t want to sacrifice family time and good mental health to get it.

Our method relies on the fact that lesson plans are designed with parents in mind. Our highly-skilled teachers design them to be easy to apply at home and have flexibility for individualization. If your child wants to learn math facts in a different way than what’s listed on the lesson plan, great! Go for it!

We also want our middle students to assume ownership of their education gradually so they know how to organize their assignments, manage their time effectively, and learn how to use the tools they’re given to solve problems.

Our high school students spend time diving deeply into how they’re created by God, gifted for His purposes. They complete several job shadow experiences and internships throughout their high school career at Learnwell. They can even apply to work in the Learnwell StoryLab — a video production studio — as StoryLab assistants and fellows. And in 12th grade, students will start their own business or service program to learn about entrepreneurship.

About Us: 5 Answers to Get to Know Us Better

Trivia questions are fun, but here are some quick facts in case you don’t have time to take part in our game above.

  1. Are you a Christian school? Yes, we are a Christian school. However, most of our curriculum choices are not Christian, but nothing goes against a Christ-centered worldview. All of our teachers and staff are Christians, and they teach from this lens that all students are created by God, loved and gifted for a purpose.
  2. Do you have extracurricular activities? Yes, we offer year-round extracurricular activities such as art, robotics, music and drama.
  3. Do you serve gifted students? Yes, we believe that gifted students are curious and that all students are gifted in some way. So, while we serve gifted students through our REACH program, we do not exclude anyone from participating. We also believe students deserve time to go deeper into subjects that interest them most, and this is where our REACH program shines.
  4. What about friendship and community? How are they? One of the biggest compliments we get — and one reason our retention rate is so high — is that our community of students and parents is like a close-knit family. We support each other through good times and tough times, which is a hallmark of Christianity. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). You can see more of our community life here in our weekly roundup of what’s happening at Learnwell.
  5. How do we find out more if we’re interested but have additional questions? You can contact our admissions department at 678-395-6772 or email our admissions director at [email protected]; read more about us; or attend one of our upcoming parent information nights called Discover Learnwell.