If you can find the information online, why go to a preview night in person? It’s not rocket science, but let’s spend a little time talking about why it’s important to see a potential school in person.

We offer several Discover Learnwell preview nights, which are geared to parents exploring our school. Our preview nights are

  • Short. We’ll keep the program to what’s advertised, 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.
  • Casual. Come in your yoga pants with your messy bun or head to the school straight from work. We welcome you in any attire.
  • Flexible. We do like to start on time, but we all have to contend with Atlanta traffic and make sure our kids are fed before we leave the house, so we understand if you’re a few minutes late.

Here are 5 reasons to attend a Discover Learnwell preview night.

  1. You need more than just our website to make the right decision for your family.

Let’s face facts. We live in a digital world where the majority of us can order detergent and vegetables to be delivered to our doorstep. Or we can price compare by going to both Amazon and the local shoe store for the sneakers that our kid wants.

But when you research online, whether you’re looking for tennis shoes or a new school, you’ll find factual information and Google or Yelp reviews, but you’ll be missing nuance and the significance behind why that information is important.

We want you to hear from some of our parents and team members about why our kids attend here too.

Parents like Michelle:

“For me it was the heart of the school. It was about aligning with the values of the school, and getting the vibe was important. When I left Discover Learnwell, I felt like I had a clear vision of what the mission was.”

We try to make all of the information you need accessible, easy, and in one place – that’s www.learnwellcollective.org in a nutshell. We aren’t trying to hide anything, so you can find most of the need-to-know information on our website.

Still, attending a Discover Learnwell preview night arms you with so much more than just information. 

For example, here is what you can’t know with certainty from our website.

  • You can’t know how passionate we are about providing students an excellent education with intentional margin. The reason you can only discern so much of our passion from our website is because you can’t see our facial expressions as we talk about the difference it makes to pursue an excellent education yet still have room for family time and a flexible learning environment.
  • You can’t know why the school started or how it’s grown over the years in response to student needs. Essentially, you don’t get to hear straight from our principal and founder, Dr. Shipman, unless you attend Discover Learnwell. She will share the burden she kept hearing about from families and how that burden grew into what is now a fully accredited hybrid school. She’ll also share stories about how the school has grown in response to our community needs.
  • You can’t hear what authentic community really looks like in a school where students are warm, accepting and honorable. We’d love to share stories of how our students are changing cultural norms by expressing the love and life of Christ in how they interact with each other and with their teachers.
  1. Another reason to attend a Discover Learnwell is so you can ask questions related to your child.

During a Discover Learnwell preview night, we walk you through some of our beliefs, our history, and we share about the trajectory of where we’re headed. We will share what a day in the life of a Learnwell student might look like – both at home and at school.

But what about your specific child’s needs? We can talk about those too once we’ve broken into tour groups. You’ll have time after your tour to chat with Dr. Shipman, the principal, or Katherine Christman, our admissions director. Both of them are well-equipped to help you make the best choice for your child and your family, even if that choice isn’t Learnwell. We really do care about meeting the needs of families.

Whether you have a middle or high school student or an elementary-aged child, we’re covering all the basics. 

  1. You’ll hear from some of our teachers.

We love our teachers. Yes, we’re biased, but you’ll be surprised when we give you details about our hiring process and the qualities we look for in a Learnwell teacher. (Let’s cut to the chase. They are very qualified, highly skilled, and they teach through the lens of a Christian worldview.)

In fact, we’re convinced you’ll enjoy getting to know what drives our teachers. They could choose to teach anywhere, so why do they choose Learnwell and what kind of future are they leading our students into?

It’s our joy to give you more than just information; we give you real people with real passion who are called to a God-given purpose. These are our teachers, and we can’t wait for you to hear their hearts.

  1. You can meet our leadership team.

Each Discover Learnwell invites you to hear from the principal and our admissions director, of course, but we are more than one or two people. So, we’d love to help you get to know our entire leadership team, including our facilities and operations director, communications director, special programs coordinator, director of extracurricular activities and coordinator of community and events.

We want you to leave a Discover Learnwell preview night with more than just information. We want you to feel like you’ve made new friends who are in your corner cheering for you.

  1. You’ll hear from students and likely meet a parent or two as well.

A final reason to attend a Discover Learnwell preview night is to hear from students who are delighted to share their stories. 

Every student’s path is different, and at Learnwell, we don’t take for granted the educational experiences that come before us. You won’t hear us say that hybrid school is right for everyone; all students learn and thrive differently. So it’s good to hear from our current students. They’ll share what is important to them and why they and their families keep coming back.

Laura, left, is the room mom in her child’s class. It’s going so well, she has volunteered two years in a row.

We want you to hear from families like Laura’s:

“When I attended Discover Learnwell, I loved hearing Dr. Shipman’s future focus for students as they get older. They’re leading students into such independence. And of course, we love that our child gets to do homework in pajamas three days a week!”

If you’ve been on the fence about attending a Discover Learnwell preview night, please accept our invitation to join us. It isn’t a salesy evening, and we won’t spam you with multiple texts and emails the minute you walk out the door.

We sincerely hope to see you, learn your name, and provide you with a deeper glimpse than what you can find through your online research.

Once you’ve taken this important step in the admissions process, we will send you a link to apply. Sign up for our next Discover Learnwell preview night here.